american psycho book review

I saw the movie starring Christian Bale long before reading this book. In fact, I finished the book a week ago. I thought the movie was messed up enough. The movie isn’t even half the book. If you have seen the movie a few times then you will probably flashback to certain parts when reading this.

Patrick Bateman defines the word psycho. His narcissistic personality is very hard to put up with when reading. I found myself rolling my eyes often when he describes his outfit or how disgusted he is with seeing the homeless. The majority of this book is him talking about nonsense. For example, what restaurant he and his fellow snobbish co-workers should eat at that evening or how he works on Wall Street. Not to say I did not enjoy the book.

Did I mention the mass murdering? Oh yeah, he does that too. Patrick is a ticking time bomb. If he is bothered by the slightest mishap, he will go off. Go off by executing whoever is the annoyance at the moment. I will not go into the grueling details because the book does that. If you enjoyed the movie then I would recommend the book. However, if you are easily bored then I wouldn’t spend the time. Serious book finishers apply only.


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