nba playoff picture 2010

It is time. Time for NBA fans to hope their team goes to the finals. Two teams will make it, but only one to take home the gold and glory from a long season. Lets take a look at the match ups.


Bulls vs Cavaliers: Of course I am rooting for Chicago. Can they over come the tremendous record of Cleveland? Probably not. Lebron & Co will be too much for D-Rose, Hinrich and Noah.

Bobcats vs Magic: Short and sweet, Orlando. They’re arsenal of players just tops Charlotte.

Bucks vs Hawks: I am not as familiar with these two teams. However I will pick Atlanta based on their record. Oh I guess Mike Bibby doesn’t hurt either.

Heat vs Celtics: Miami has not convinced me that they are a championship caliber team anymore. The energy level is just not there anymore. I believe this should be easy pickings for Boston.


Lakers vs Thunder: Kobe Kobe Kobe.

Spurs vs Mavericks: A seven gamer for sure. This series will be too hard to pick a winner. For the sake of my post I’ll go with Dallas. Mainly because I am a fan of J. Kidd. I’d rather see Kidd facilitate than Tony Parker get knocked over repeatedly gunning for the bucket to be honest.

Blazers vs Suns: A good match up. Phoenix will win in my opinion. Although the team is aging, I believe their wisdom will overcome the youngsters like Brandon Roy.

Jazz vs Nuggets: Yet another overlooked good match up. Their records are exactly the same at 53-29. I’m going to go out on a limb and pick Denver. Chauncey Billups has the experience of being in the limelight and overcoming adversity.

It’s a wrap.


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