mayweather mosley predictions

Photo: AFP

Today is Thursday and the fight is Saturday night. I figure since fans cannot wait to see it, they’ll be searching the net in the mean time. Where to start? Well I cannot believe it is this Saturday. It happened so fast. They are down to their last 24/7 episode coming up and am sure it will leave the fans anticipating.

All boxing enthusiasts know that this match up is long overdue. The fight should of happened  3-4 years ago. The fact is it’s happening now. A lot of people are questioning Shane because of his age. They did the same thing when he fought Antonio Margarito and look what took place. Mosley won a landslide by TKO. However this is Floyd Mayweather we’re talking about. He is something completely different. I do not think Mosley’s age will be a factor in the fight. He still fights like he’s 10 years younger.

40-0 is “Money” Mayweather. It is possible that he will be 41-0 by the end of the night Saturday. Then again he could be 40-1. Floyd has done something he has never done before. That is ask for a rematch clause. Deep down he must think Shane is coming hard and has the will to beat him. Of course Floyd will never admit that. He does not like to show weakness. My prediction- What the hell, Mayweather becomes 40-1.

The End.


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