money proves he’s still $$$

Video- HBO

Last night Floyd Jr proved his naysayers wrong. Not only wrong but they will probably stop their bad mouthing for a bit. I predicted Shane Mosley to hand Floyd his first defeat.

My prediction looked promising for two rounds and that was about it. Which rounds? The first two. Every other preceding rounds were all for Money Mayweather. After watching Floyd manage well under pressure, it is hard to see who ever has a chance of legitimately beating him. A lot of folks will immediately say Manny Pacquiao. This is a different post however.

Once Mosley landed his clean right hand I knew it was going to be one of Floyd’s roughest bouts. I wasn’t expecting fireworks until about rounds 6 on. If that right hand was not enough, Shane landed a beautiful wide right hook to the head that staggered Mayweather bad. I never seen Floyd in trouble like that. His legs were wobbly and looked like the fight was near ending. Despite this, Floyd handled the storm well. His hand speed and age I believe won him the fight.


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