bad lieutenant is bad to the bone

Nicholas Cage sure portrays bad in this one. If you have ever seen the television series The Shield, then you know what I mean. He is not as cold blooded as Vic Mackey however. I have not seen the original Bad Lieutenant from 1992 but may get around to it down the road.

You name it, Terrence McDonagh (Nicholas Cage) has done it. Whether it is drug abusing, manipulating, civilian harassing, nothing is of the exception. At times in the film, I often felt bad for him. Why would I feel bad for a no good “police official” who does nothing but break the law? Good question, I guess I’m naturally a compassionate person. McDonagh is trapped in this endless world of deceit where he will never see freedom.

Co-starring with Cage is Eva Mendes.  Even the average movie goer will recognize her. Mendes is Cage’s drug fiend girlfriend who is actually a nice person regardless of her drug problem. Xzibit plays as a drug kingpin who is often befriending Cage’s character despite the societal barrier. The film runs a good 2 hours but it does not feel as if it’s dragged on.


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