into the wild film review

First and foremost, Emile Hirsch is a promising young actor. This movie came out in 2007 and sure to be one of his best. The film is based on the true story of a young man named Christopher McCandless. Emile portrays McCandless on his adventure into the unknown. He leaves his family and does not tell them anything of his actions. In the process, McCandless burns his social security card, slices credit cards and gives his life savings of $24,000 to charity.

The ultimate goal is to reach Alaska. Along the way he meets interesting people and encounters many new things. New people include a hippie couple (Catherine Keener), an attractive teenager (Kristen Stewart), a harvester (Vince Vaughn) and more. The film really shows how human beings can adapt to situational changes. Not to mention how lucky we are to be sheltered and have food to eat. A great film, check it out. I will have to read the book as well.


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