lakers+suns=exciting, magic+celtics= zzzz…

Let’s get the boring out the door. The Boston Celtics need to put the Orlando Magic to rest already; Instead of beating around the bush and killing them softly. I read an article on Yahoo Sports today that Vince Carter and Rashard Lewis aren’t even putting in their best effort. Dwight Howard and Jameer Nelson cannot get it done alone, no way. Either give it all you got or hit the bricks already. The fans came to see you play and WIN and lose on purpose. They’re getting paid very well so why not give your best effort? Orlando will be heading home for tomorrow nights game, so we will see if they can narrow it to 3-2.

Now the exciting. This evenings game between LA and Phoenix was only beneficial for Los Suns. Kobe and the crew couldn’t fight off the zone. Not to mention the bench knocking down shots left and right. How about Goran Dragic putting the spin move on Derek Fisher? Wow. The post game press conference showed a none too happy Mr. Bryant. Who can blame him. He said they lost due to their defense. Sounds about right.


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