the boxing scene now & future

It's now or never.

First and foremost, Floyd Mayweather Jr and Manny Pacquiao must work out an agreement to face each other. Sooner than later. If they wait, it’ll never happen.

Amir Khan is the real deal at 140 lbs. Freddie Roach turned him into a threat. Miguel Cotto will bag a victory over Yori Foreman. June 26th will have Julio Caesar Chavez Jr vs John Duddy. Tough fight for both. I see Chavez taking the cake due to Freddie Roach. We need a change in the heavyweight division. Watching the Klitscho’s is the equivalent of visiting the dentist.

Chavez Jr is moving on up.

A De La Hoya comeback? Hmm… I see it. Not this year, but 2011 I can. Sure he is about 37 now but knowing how competitive he is, I see him having a fight he can win. He has to fight someone at 150-160 and not kill himself by dropping weight. Maybe if Chavez Jr defeats Duddy, there can be a Chavez Jr-De La Hoya mega bout.

Oscar looked weak & thin at 147 lbs.

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