changeling movie review

Just finished watching this earlier today. Wow. Great film. Clint Eastwood directed this so it is almost mandatory to be a classic. The film is based on actual events in Los Angeles around 1928. In my opinion, Angelina Jolie’s best work as of yet. Jolie plays Christine Collins, a mother who’s son (Walter Collins) disappeared.

After some investigation, the LAPD brings back a boy who is not her son. The LAPD insists this IS her son. Even the boy says this is her mommy. Weird right? Watching that particular part is difficult. It made me angry that the police are trying to make the matter resolved when it obviously is the wrong boy.  The kid is clearly an impostor… Not only is he noticeably different in appearance but he is shorter than her real son.

This scum bag named Gordon Northcott is responsible for kidnapping and murdering nearly 20 boys. His nephew, Sanford Clark, told a detective the whole story of how his uncle would lure young boys in and kidnap them. Sanford said one of the boys was Walter Collins. Later in the movie we learn that Walter is possibly out there. This gives his mother Christine hope that he is still alive. However, it is unknown to the viewer the real outcome.


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