lebron the terrible.

You heard it right, I said Lebron the terrible. I also could of said unoriginal but terrible is a better attention grabber. Millions anticipated King James’ decision. When it came, he lost and gained some fans. Leaving Cleveland to go south to Miami does not surprise me. It does irritate me however. The man certainly wants an NBA title no doubt about it. However, I think Lebron chose the Heat for the nightlife and social status.

Tisk Tisk Mr. James… Joining the likes of Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh I believe will be a battle of ego’s. Sure they’re all unselfish players but deep down they all wish to be the top dog. I knew Chicago would be to good to be true; much like when Kobe Bryant was pondering the Bulls.

New York were close contenders but were shut down. I cannot imagine what they are going through. The Cavaliers have lost their main attraction for the past 7 years. I sure hope Lebron is happy because “Decision 2010” is a decision he has to deal with from here on.


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