entourage season 7 episode 2

Caught this episode last night and am glad it was better than the first. A lot of surprises going on. The most notable was probably Vince getting his ears lowered. I liked it long but the new look isn’t that bad. Everyone thought it was a disaster. Vince disagrees. Maybe we are seeing a new Vinny Chase. He is taking more risks as we saw last week as well as skydiving in this episode.

Ari is juggling a million things at once as usual. His newest dilemma/dealing is with the Dallas Cowboys. Pretty cool seeing the stadium and the owner Jerry Jones up close. Eric is now taking on the responsibility of managing Drama. E seemed a tad hesitant when Drama proposed the idea. I would. Drama has not been marketable since Five Towns? If that.

Turtle figured out the $10,000 charge on his credit card. It was his mistake, not shocked. His former worker, Alex, was told to get something for his mother. Turtle not only forgot but was trying to impress. It is easy to get distracted when you live with Vince and the Hollywood lifestyle, I can only imagine. I am ready for episode 3 tomorrow.


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