run and hide floyd

Floyd Mayweather is starting to get my suspicion that he is afraid of facing Manny Pacquiao. He has not responded to the deadline and hasn’t spoke publicly about anything. I’m sick and tired of these run around bouts that fill a void. Boxing fans are fed up. Manny wants the fight but Floyd is definitely stalling. The stalling is because deep down, he is afraid of losing. He will not accept a loss (my opinion.)

Talks have already been in the works of Pacquiao vs Cotto II or Margarito. Boring. The rematch with Cotto will be the same fight. Although, I think it will be more one sided. Margarito is a cheater and will be knocked out quick. Manny is way too fast for him. As for Floyd, after he defeated Mosley, said he is taking time off. Meaning he is avoiding the mega fight. I have a feeling as soon as this is brushed over, he will come back and fight another hand picked opponent. Business as usual.


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