the sandwich wars

Subway, Jimmy Johns, Quiznos. Which one to choose? I already have my decision. Before I announce it, lets review the three most popular. There are other sub places besides these three but I am familiar with them the most.

Subway has to be the most well known. The franchise has been around for 45 years. Marketing and advertising support is and always will be in full effect. Personally, I used to like Subway, but now I feel indifferent. Possibly Jimmy John’s has stole my sandwich heart but Subway just isn’t the same. Honestly cannot remember the last time I order a sub.

I have always enjoyed Quiznos. The problem is that a few have closed over the years. Meaning I do not have access to their tasty menu anymore. From what I remember, the prices are a bit steep but I am not complaining; the subs are stacked with toppings, meat, etc.

Jimmy John’s is where it’s at. The subs taste great, the atmosphere is upbeat and they always have a friendly crew ready at hand. Did I mention freaky fast?

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