louie c.k. show

This is a new show on FX. Pretty funny. It is a mix of Louis Szekely stand up comedy and skits that happened in his life. I watched one full episode and based on this, will continue viewing future ones. The skits are comical because they are things that happen in everyday life.

For example, in the episode I was watching, Louie was waiting in line to collect his airline ticket. The gentleman ahead of him was pissed off because his flight was canceled. The guy let the woman behind the counter know loud and clear that he wasn’t happy. Poor Louie has to sit back and hear all of this while he is calmly waiting his turn.

Little did he know that his own flight was canceled… Although he took it like a man. He was more in disbelief than an all out rage. Maybe another reason I like this show is because Louie reminds me of myself. I’ll let things slide and sometimes get down on myself for no apparent reason. I am looking forward to another episode.


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