entourage episode 6: “hair”

It is already episode 6 of the seventh season of Entourage? The seasons always seem to fly by. A lot going on as usual. Ari never seems to have a calm moment in his life. Even his calm moments are still stressful. He wouldn’t have it any other way though. I don’t know what the deal is with Vince and that Tequila… He cannot stop raving about it. The upside is that he has Sasha Grey on his arm. Well, not officially, I guess they’re just REALLY good friends.

Drama is still down and out. Drinking until he finds some sort of role. A familiar face pops up unexpectedly. That face is Billy Walsh. He has cleaned up his image and is ready to work. Ironically he wants Eric to help him get back on his feet. Eric is a pretty tolerant guy; After all the stuff they have been through. Not only this, but the guy is getting married and also running the agency with Scott. Hopefully Vince is okay. Let’s hope all he needs is CPR and not be rushed to the hospital. He may have went a little overboard with his drinking.


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