ufc 117 review

Last night was UFC 117. It was a good pay per view, I didn’t expect it to be as good as it was. It sucks what happened to Chael Sonnen. I feel for the guy. He beat up Anderson Silva for 4 straight rounds and ends up being submitted in the final round.

No one gave Sonnen a shot. Everyone thought all his trash talk was just that, talk, but he backed it up. From round 1-4 I have never seen Anderson Silva have that look of discouragement on his face. Not only this, but Sonnen hurt Silva standing up as well! In the end Anderson Silva sneaks by with a submission victory.

Roy Nelson sure can take a punch or two million of them. Man, “Big Country” has heart. Any other guy would of been knocked out in the first round. Matt Hughes proves that he still has it. Clay Guida started out rocky but got into his groove and did what he had to do. That guy is always revved up. Jon Fitch looked dominant putting away Thiago Alves for the second time. Alves seemed troubled from dropping weight however. Looking forward to UFC 118!


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