toney to ko couture

Call me crazy, but I believe James Toney will knockout Randy Couture at UFC 118. The event happens August 28th which is about a week away. Maybe I am getting antsy but this is my prediction thus far. Another reason I favor Toney is because people are underestimating him. Every fan is saying it will be an easy bout for Couture and that Toney is a joke.

Both guys are legends in their respective sports. Randy Couture in my opinion is the most versatile fighter to ever be in the octagon. James Toney not only is one of the most feared boxers ever but also most talented. The problem I see with Toney is his endurance. Will he have the stamina if the fight goes into the third round? He has boxing stamina but this is different. For Randy, can he take shots from Toney? No. He has to grab a hold of Toney and force him down.

This match up is very interesting. Many people are saying this is the bout that will answer the question of who is better, a mixed martial artist or a boxer? I do not have an answer. It is a question that will always have arguments and personal opinions. Take a look at the comical video of him calling out Randy.


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