motivation? not lately.

Motivation in terms or writing on this infamous (haha) blog. Maybe I have been busy or do not know what to write about for a period of time. Well I have been rather busy. I quit my part-time job for a full-time one while also contemplating my future. Yes full-time really means full-time. I was rather naive about this. I am only 23 so I suppose it is understandable. Or just an excuse to cover up my lack of knowing. Either way.

Another thing is women. With my part-time job came great benefits. No not actual compensation type but more of what I’d like to call “well being” benefits. Ever since I have seen her, I wondered if she was single. Mind you this has been over the past 3 years or so. Finally, when it is time for me to leave, I get the courage to act on it. Yes, she is single, but not looking for anything serious due to her being quite busy (which she explains what is going on.)

She mentioned we could go out sometime and thought to myself, I will take her up on it. However, I have not received a reply to it. The thing is, I have never really felt this way with a chick. Every guy knows the feeling of having a girl in their mind 24/7. This punch-drunk feeling has been with me the entire week and a half… Don’t get me wrong, I am not one of those guys that can’t take a hint or obsesses over something like this. Anyway, I guess I’ll swallow the misery and move on. We’ll see where the road takes me.


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