ufc 118 predictions

Tomorrow night is UFC 118. This event is one of the more interesting one’s the UFC has had in sometime. The reason being is the co-main event that being Randy Couture vs James Toney. Everyone is saying this fight will prove which tops the other, mixed martial arts or boxing. Honestly, neither is better than the other because they are both different. A lot of people are counting James Toney out saying Randy will walk all over him. I’m not sure about that…

I am going with the underdog Toney to win by knockout. I do not see Couture taking him down in this fight. Then again, I could be wrong and it could be a short night for Toney. If it turns into a boxing match, Randy will be in trouble. One right hand from Toney will be “lights out.” Vice versa if the fight goes to the ground, Toney will be in a world of trouble. When the bout is over I see Toney getting his hand raised.

The main event is a rematch between BJ Penn and Frankie Edgar. The first fight BJ looked like he was trapped in quick sand or something. Edgar I do not think will be lucky twice and BJ will reclaim his lightweight title. Frankie is a great fighter, but Penn is on a level few attain.


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