nothing ventured, nothing gained

The Bears that is. I know the game was last Sunday but have been busy to do much of anything. I still believe we should have lost. In my opinion that was a touchdown for Detroit regardless of the new rule. I told myself that if we lose to the Lions, I vow to not watch the Bears for the rest of the season.

I am glad they did win because football season is where it’s at. Matthew Stafford is a tough quarterback. He played well despite having to leave the game. What is with us not being able to get one yard to the end zone? Settling for a field goal has been the Bears motto for quite sometime. I wish this were not true but the truth hurts.

A win is a win I guess. However, we have a stacked schedule starting with the boys from Dallas. The game should be competitive since the Cowboys lost to Washington, but we will see this Sunday.


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