stick to what your good at, even pro’s.

Remember Michael Jordan’s stint with baseball? Jordan was and is the greatest of all time in basketball. He knows that himself but I suppose MJ thought he would give baseball some of his greatness but bite the dust. No sweat. Shaq now has this show where he challenges current professionals at their own game. I seen a few episodes where he did some boxing. He went up against De La Hoya in one then Shane Mosley in another. Lost both. He also played golf versus Charles Barkley and won. The show is entertaining and something fresh. Despite Shaq being shown up most of the time.

Recently, at UFC 118, James Toney fought Randy Couture in a fight that was over before it started. Toney talked a lot of smack hyping this one up. He said he was going to knock Couture out and disregarded his skills. Big mistake. In the end, Couture did not break a sweat and wins by submission.

I am not sure what goes on in the mind of these guys heads thinking they can take on all trades of athleticism. Oh well I guess it creates revenue and a good laugh. Some may want seriously want to take on something new, while others want a payday.


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