world of jenks

I have been seeing the promos for this show for about a month now. This usually happens with any new show to build it up and to get it’s recognition. So far I have seen two episodes and must say it is worth tuning in. Andrew is 24 and shows us various peoples lives of scattered backgrounds. The two that I have watched were of rapper Maino and an autistic young man named Chad. Both interesting. I think I learned more from the episode with Chad.

I knew a little bit about autism but not to the extent Jenks showed us. I found a particular part comical when Chad and Andrew are relaxing in Chad’s room. Chad is focused playing Grand Theft Auto 3 while he is also lecturing Jenks about random world facts. Andrew just sits back and is in awe of all his knowledge. The hard part was when Chad had trouble doing everyday common sense things. For example, remembering his address or practicing calling 911 in school.

I am unfamiliar with rapper Maino. Regardless, another look into a strangers life. Maino was really open to Andrew but told him it was not going to be easy. I like the fact that Andrew does not back down from a challenge. He did not have to go into Maino’s neighborhood or take in his culture, but he did. Kudos. The show is an original idea, which is a breath of fresh air nowadays.


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