a night to forget

Shane Mosley and Sergio Mora fought on September 18th. I am still wondering why this fight was brought up and more importantly took place. The result was a draw. I thought Mosley deserved the decision for pressing the action. Mora was dodging and throwing lack luster combination’s  the whole fight.

At first I thought Mosley wasn’t trying or that he was taking it easy. Mora was giving it his best; I mean fighting Shane Mosley is hard enough. If he did get the win, it would of been a big career booster, even if Mosley is 39 years old. Speaking of age, Shane said his age had nothing to do with his performance. He mentioned in an interview that it wasn’t his fault, Mora was not putting in the effort to fight him.

I am not sure what is next for both guys. I do not wish to see a rematch. For Mosley, maybe he could have a rematch with Miguel Cotto. As far as Mora, maybe he could fight the winner of Alfonzo Gomez and Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.

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