jackass 3d review

Just saw the long awaited Jackass 3D last night. I originally wanted to see it on opening night but unfortunately didn’t. Overall, I thought it wasn’t half bad. The 3D aspect seems to be a trend nowadays with flicks. Jackass fit right in. Honestly, I did not think it was better than the first two. After seeing number two in theaters, it was hard to top the sequel.

The whole crew all participated well. It is hard to say who got it the worst during the film. Now that I think of it, probably the poor camera crew… A few were upchucking more than once, haha. Poor guys. The guys exploited Bam’s extreme fear of snakes yet again. Man, he REALLY is terrified of those things. His “Rocky” bits were pretty good. A little splash of water and a hard right hook to the chops.

Knoxville always goes hard for Jackass, 3D was no exception. Jumping the Jet Ski over the bushed fence was right up his alley. The “Really Bad Grandpa” skit was too much but necessary. I don’t know what is with him and getting run over by animals (buffalo’s, bulls, etc.) Regardless it is damn funny. I am amazed that Steve-O and Ehren McGhehey were still walking after all those bee stings… My god. Wee Man and the bar scene was great. For those that have seen it, you know what I’m talking about. If you need a good laugh and want to be disgusted at the same time, see Jackass 3D.


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