simply the best, better than all the rest.

We are talking about coffee. In the running there is the ever popular Starbucks, Caribou Coffee and Dunkin’ Donuts. All three have great recognition but all three do not live up to the hype. For me, I strictly just like coffee. All this frappe, cappuccino nonsense I cannot do with. Guess who has all this? Yep, Starbucks. Sorry Starbucks lovers, but you guys are too fancy for this old schooler. Starbucks does have some tasty sides like their muffins, coffee cakes, etc but it doesn’t win me over.

The coffee itself I must say is the strongest of the three. I have never been a bitter man and Starbucks is a tad too much for me. Next is Caribou. Although I am not as experience with their coffee, I do like it better than Starbucks. The two are similar in atmosphere in stores.

Now down to my favorite, double D’s, I mean Dunkin’ Donuts, sorry… I simply love the coffee. The taste, the size, the price, everything. Oh did I mention the donuts? I am still a “noob” when it comes to coffee. I realized the joy of coffee at 21. Not a bad age to start. The pick me up in the morning is oh so sweet, let me tell you. Anyway, Dunkin’ Donuts is my top choice hands down.


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