boxing scene

A lot going on in boxing  presently. Manny Pacquiao is the talk of the town with his win over Antonio Margarito. The 24/7 shows built this fight up pretty good. Manny’s speed is just too much… Not to mention power as well. Margarito did some damage against the ropes but Manny handles adversity well. Margarito is a warrior and proved he is tough as they come. He will fight again no question. In terms of Pacquiao’s next opponent, no one really knows. Of course Floyd Mayweather Jr is brought up immediately but that whole situation is a wreck. A lot of people are saying Floyd is ducking Manny or that he has legal issues. I honestly think Floyd is pondering the right time to fight Manny. Right now, I do not think Mayweather can beat Pacquiao. Possibly a year down the road? Who knows, maybe Manny will slow down and Floyd has a chance of beating him then.

Sergio Martinez scored an impressive knockout over Paul Williams last night. Wow, was that nuts. I knew there would be fireworks but not until later. I hope Williams is doing fine. Martinez is now in the pound for pound elite and retained his WBC title. Martinez said he could fight Mayweather at 156 lbs or so. Interesting. I have a funny feeling Floyd would be interested in this fight… December 4th will have a showdown with rising Julio Cesar Chavez Jr versus Alfonzo Gomez. I know what Chavez Jr brings to the table. He really impressed me against John Duddy. That was hard fight and he never let up. Freddie Roach gained another great fighter. I am unfamiliar with Gomez but heard he is a good fighter. I will for sure do my homework before they fight.


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