the jordan challenge

The game that has been living in my Xbox 360 for quite awhile has been NBA 2K11. Three words, The Jordan Challenge. I should actually say challenges, ten of them to be exact. Thus far I have completed 4 of 10. The four that I have finished are: “Shootout”, “Bad Boys”, “1991 NBA Finals” and “Father’s Day Victory”.

Shootout I beat first. The main reason I chose to do this challenge first was because I wanted to go up against Dominique Wilkins and see how tough it would be. Three of the four goals are easy. Outscoring Dominique, 5+ assists and winning the game were a piece of cake. Keeping him under 25 points was the hard part. There is always a catch and that was it. Once he is hot, he cannot be stopped. The key is tight defense, not allowing easy looks, or give him a lane to the basket. If you control these three things, the challenge is yours.

Bad Boys was the easiest of the 4 that I have beat. Joe Dumars and Isiah Thomas couldn’t intimidate me! The three goals in this one is to score 47+ points, dish out 4+ assists and win the game. Good defense, moving the ball and giving the rock to Jordan when he is hot will give you the challenge. It is pretty cool playing this one because of the heated rivalry between Chicago and Detroit in the 1990 Eastern Conference Finals.

1991 NBA Finals was a ridiculously hard challenge. The hardest so far. Goals include averaging 31+ points, shooting 55%+ from the field, averaging 11+ assists and winning the series. Remember, this is a series and not just one game. Each game it is a good idea to get around the same stats so you will not have to redo a game or two later. This can be frustrating because the Lakers are very good. I remember one game when I was up by 15 points and they came back… Byron Scott makes everything, Magic facilitates and James Worthy kills in the post. In the end, it is a VERY satisfying completed challenge.

Father’s Day Victory I just finished. Gary Payton, Shawn Kemp and Detlef Schrempf are quite the basketball players but came short. The goal list is tough. That being scoring 22+ points, grab 9+ rebounds, dish out 7+ assists and win the game. Scoring 22 isn’t a problem, nor is winning the game. Grabbing 9 boards and giving 7 assists came be tricky. In fact I thought this would be impossible. The funny thing is Jordan was right in the post snagging them! If you get good looks, those 7+ assists flow. I had about 5 going into halftime. It shouldn’t be a huge deal. Scottie Pippen is sluggish in this particular game. The announcers kept mentioning he is banged up and it shows.

I told myself that I will not try anything else until I beat every Jordan Challenge!



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