amplified n.o. loaded review

I am reviewing GNC’s Amplified N.O. loaded. I was not intending on buying this particular supplement but it was actually cheaper than what I originally was going to get. It is a 2.08 lbs container to be exact that cost around $40. The servings per container is 45 so it should last over a month. GNC has this new line called Pro Performance featuring the AMP (Advanced Muscle Performance) trademark. I have tried a few of these products (Amplified 100% Whey Protein, Amplified Creatine 189) and cannot complain much.

The Good:

  • Boosts energy. After just a couple sips, you will feel the effect. Take your time when having a full 14oz. glass.
  • Focus. I remember first taking this when just shooting hoops at the gym. I was running around like crazy doing full court lay ups and didn’t want to stop.
  • Price. Not too bad, around $40-$45. It should last you a good amount of time.

The not so good:

  • Headache. I dread headaches like the rest of us, and yes it can happen.
  • Too wired. I remember struggling to get a good nights rest.
  • Acquired taste. I am having the blue raspberry flavor and it can take getting used to.

I am not sure if I would buy this product again. Mainly because I like to experiment with different brands and what not.

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