turtles in time re-shelled

Nothing beats an original but Turtles in Time re-shelled should bring back good memories of what was. I downloaded this update to my Xbox and just beat it. The game may seem basically the same but there are noticeable differences. Obviously the big one is the graphics. The turtles, villains and Shredder are now in 3D! The funny thing is that I actually enjoy the old 2D graphics better. Not sure why, just do.

The levels are a tad different. The game has the same stages; Big Apple 3 AM, Prehistoric Turtlesaurus, Neon Night Riders, and so on. I believe all the bosses are the same that I can remember. There may be a few others but generally the same bad guys to conquer. The biggest pet peeve for me in the update is the music. I am so used to the original music! The re-shelled tunes just throw me off. If you are like me, it will take some getting used to.

I played single player and had no problem completing the game. The fact that you can save the process is a nice bonus. In the originals Turtles in Time, it was all or nothing. Although, I believe the all or nothing idea is more of an accomplishment. Soon I hope to play with three other people like the old days.


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