ageless hopkins

At 45 years old, Bernard Hopkins showed last Saturday night that he can hang with the youth. 45 years old and still a professional boxer? The guy is a freak of nature, wow. Jean Pascal was the youngin’ that gave “Old Man” Hopkins a run for his money or dentures (kidding). Pascal controlled the fight early on with a few knockdowns and taking it to Bernard let never before.

I thought Pascal was going to hand Bernard his first legit loss in a long time. Shame on me. I know Hopkins is a slow starter but he did look in trouble. He took over and Pascal was losing confidence as the fight went to the later rounds. When the final bell rang, the judges rendered a majority draw. I thought Hopkins won but then again I won’t argue with a draw. The knockdowns saved Pascal from losing his title. I would love to see a rematch. Check out the highlights, what a fight!


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