de la hoya vs hatton?

I first heard this rumor about a month ago. Not sure what to think of it. Would I like to see the fight? Why not. Both guys are coming off losses ironically to Manny Pacquiao. Oscar was battered and couldn’t get off his stool for the 9th round. Hatton was knocked out in the second round. I do not see this fight happening in the future. Oscar says in the video that it is all rumors. Plus he does not need to box anymore. He has plenty money, is 37, and is a legend.

The funny thing is that a lot of fights that start this way, do end up happening. This one is probably different. Although De La Hoya seems interested in throwing that left hook of his… Ricky Hatton says he does not have any fire right now to box. I’m sure he will get back into it, just do not know when. I don’t think his first fight back would be against a guy like De La Hoya. Then again, Ricky does have guts. He’s showed us this a handful of times. If this bout does happen I see Oscar winning no problem. No offense to Ricky, I just think De La Hoya is too skilled. So what do you think, De La Hoya vs Hatton in 2011? Or no go?


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