spurs handle nuggets

Denver vs San Antonio are always competitive games. I cannot remember when these two haven’t had a competitive game. Tonight wasn’t too much different. The Spurs win decisively with 110-97 victory, their 6th straight. Manu Ginobili always amazes me. I don’t know why San Antonio didn’t start him way earlier in his career. He is probably my favorite left handed basketball player. That between the legs dish to DeJuan Blair was a page out of Steve Nash’s book. Very nice. He was going hard tonight, driving to the hoop, knocking down threes and making passes.

Another stand out was former  New Jersey Nets player Richard Jefferson. He was lighting it up beyond the arc. I saw a good amount of three pointers dropped by Mr. Jefferson. Speaking of the Nets, I hear Carmello maybe heading east… Not positive though, we’ll see what happens. I know Jay-Z would be a happy man. Chauncey Billups dished out some nice passes to his fellow Nuggets. Being a veteran stuff like that is child’s play. Did I see Tim Duncan hitting mid range tonight? Yes.

San Antonio is starting to get some young guys on the roster. This is good because they are one of the the older teams in the NBA.  The younger players like George Hill and DeJuan Blair I’m sure will learn a thing or two from the leaders of the squad. Carmello Anthony has been with Denver since 2003. I wonder how he feels about possibly exiting and what the possible deal would be.


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