vpx meltdown

I decided to give this VPX Meltdown supplement a try. VPX makes Redline, a popular energy/workout drink. Redline is pretty strong regardless of your tolerance to these sort of supplements. It reminds me of the feeling you get after having a 5 hour energy. Meltdown comes in capsule form. The advertising on the bottle looks catching. It states it is “University Proven- Burns Fat For 6+ Hours!” Seems interesting.

On the supplement facts label, there are a bunch of ingredients that I am unfamiliar with. A few I have have seen in others supplements like Yerba Mate, Yohimbe, Barley and of course caffeine. Other than those 4, I couldn’t tell you much. After I finish this bottle I probably will not use Meltdown again. I’m sure it is not this alone but I am down to 142 lbs. This is with just shorts on when weighing myself; around Christmas time I was weighing 155 lbs. In terms of cutting weight, I think this will work if you are dieting good.

In my case, I work 8+ hour days and sometimes forget to eat every three hours. I also try to stay active all the time so this most likely is another reason. I like to try supplements to see if it works and if I like what it does to my body. I just don’t think Meltdown is for me.


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