monster energy khaos!

I have never had this monster before and am glad I tried it. My boss bought this for me and after a few good sips, I was working like a mad man. I usually stick the the regular green monster or the light blue lo-carb monster. Both are good for sure. The only harder one I did drink was the M-80. M-80 was a little too much for me. That is what I thought of Khaos at first but I got used to it quick. It has a juice taste in it that is a nice twist, especially at 9am, haha.

I wouldn’t say that I am the avid energy drink consumer but I do like the occasional boost. Out of all the companies out there, I have tried Rockstar, Monster, Amp, and Red Bull. All of them are good in my book. The one I could pass on some days is Rockstar. Definitely going to give Khaos and the other harder Monsters another try (assault & M-80) to see which is my favorite. Out of 10, I give Monster Khaos an 8.

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