ufc 126 predictions

In about a half hour, UFC 126 will be live. I wanted to do this post well before but that’s not how things usually go. This is a card that I can say I’m excited for. Some of the past UFC’s haven’t really got me going. Let’ talk about the main event and co-main event.

First, the co-main event. Rich Franklin vs Forrest Griffin. These guys are pretty similar in both aspects, status and fighting. They both are veterans and warriors in the cage. Also, I do not think there will be much trash talk, if any. I am not sure that I can pick a winner in this one. I believe the fight will go the distance and the one who wants it more will take it. Rich Franklin came off a knockout win over Chuck Liddell at UFC 115. Regardless if Liddell was past his prime, it was still a big statement. Forrest Griffin is off a win over Tito Ortiz at UFC 106. It’s clear that it has been awhile since these two have been in the octagon. Griffin is a little bit bigger standing at 6’3″ to Franklin at 6’1″. On the other hand, Franklin is quicker on his feet and is a southpaw. This will present a little challenge to Forrest. On the ground, they are both pretty decent. Much of their fights remain standing. Alright, enough, I’m going with Rich Franklin by split decision.

Now the big enchilada! That is the main event. Anderson Silva vs Vitor Belfort. Damn, what a match up. Both explosive fighters. Fans have not seen Vitor Belfort in some time. I like Belfort. His last fight was ironically a win over Rich Franklin at UFC 103. Anderson Silva is considered the best fighter in the world. I suppose I cannot argue. Chael Sonnen sure could of changed the world’s mind at UFC 117 but came up short. I think he will be in for another tough night. I sure hope he doesn’t bozo around in the cage like he has done in the past. Belfort would not tolerate that stuff. I know Belfort wants to trade shots and see if Silva is up for it. I wonder if Silva would rather take it to the ground or stand up? He can do both to be honest. I am going with Vitor Belfort with a sweet knockout! We will see.


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