inside the mcdonald’s empire

The official title of this documentary is Big Mac: Inside the McDonald’s Empire. I first saw this on NBC awhile back but didn’t catch all of it. Luckily for me, CNBC has a video archive and this was on the list. I took interest in this because I used to work at McDonald’s from age 16-18. Yes it was a job but this documentary explores McDonald’s as big business instead of just a “McJob.” A McDonald’s in Darien Connecticut is a topic of discussion right off the bat.

This location is right off a major expressway where everyone from tourists to locals stop in for a meal. The owner/operator mentions that it gets crazy busy all of the time. Wow. No down time whatsoever it seems. I believe he owns 6 stores and puts in an ungodly amount of hours per week. More than normal overtime. Another part of the film was McDonald’s in China. A comical part is the concept of the drive thru. In America we are so used to utilizing the convenience of ordering off the menu and getting our food to go in under 5 minutes. In China, they often had to explain how to use it. Again, this is new so it takes time to get acquainted.

Marketing is huge with McDonald’s especially geared towards children. Ronald McDonald is the face of McDonald’s who children adore. A big part of their business are happy meals. A part in the documentary shows a mother with her son. She mentioned how they go to McDonald’s twice a week for the toys in the happy meal. Her son tells her he wants to go badly and so they take the trip. Of course they bring up the popular film Super Size Me. Morgan Spurlock eats an unspeakable amount of McDonald’s for 30 days to prove a point. Anyway, they venture into more healthy choices for customers. Choices such as salads, apple slices, yogurt parfaits and more. This was not only to say they have healthy choices but also to give people the alternative. If you have 40 minutes to spare, check it out, it’s educational.





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