cotto vs mayorga prediction

This Saturday is the fight between Miguel Cotto and Ricardo Mayorga. Am I excited? Not sure. The fight is on pay-per-view which is a bummer. Ricardo Mayorga and pay-per-view should never be associated with one another. Miguel Cotto is another story. He has the talent to be showcased on the big show. I don’t know if Mayorga’s trash talk is for hype or if he actually means what he says. You would think he learned his lesson when De La Hoya beat him senseless or when Mosley knocked him out but nope, I guess not.

No need to prolong this entry any longer, I am picking Cotto by TKO in about 9 rounds. I believe all Miguel has to do is box and everything will go how he wants. Especially with Emanuel Steward in his corner, he will be fine. Mayorga will swing wildly looking to land something. If he does, Cotto will be in danger. On second thought, this fight probably will be worth a viewing. There will be fireworks from the get-go. If Cotto wins, I think he will get a rematch with Antonio Margarito. If Mayorga wins, who knows what he’ll want. He will probably challenge Manny Pacquiao or something else insane.


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