franchising for dummies

I have thought about franchising a business ever since I knew what franchising was. Franchising for Dummies goes above and beyond with the information the book provides a potential franchisee. Wendy’s is highlighted heavily as an example of a Franchise that started small and grew to what it is today. Dave Thomas gave his two cents about everything from staff to expansion. The main value I got from Franchising for Dummies is to choose wisely.

A person with all of this time and money invested doesn’t want to go out of business. This may be stating the obvious but it is a franchisee’s worst nightmare. I will admit some chapters seemed pretty boring. In particular the one speaking about how to turn your idea into a franchisor. Usually this would interested me, but it kind of dragged.

Some of the most popular franchise’s are McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Jimmy Johns, and this is just the food category. All three are great investments in my book. As far as what I am intrested in franchising would be something along the lines of fitness & nutrition. A Jimmy Johns wouldn’t be a bad idea either. I should possibly read more up on franchising before I commit to anything.


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