road trip

Ah, Road Trip, a classic. I last watched this on cable, so it was edited a bit. Does not matter to me, I will watch the edited version and the unrated version, one and the same. Four college buddies and the open road, what could be better? Well, not all is good. It is not all fun and games, they’re on a mission. The mission is basically to go retrieve a video tape that was not intended for Josh’s girlfriend Tiffany. The roommates find out about this and come to the conclusion that there is no other choice but to go to the University of Austin (based on University of Texas.)

Most of you know this movie already, so I have decided not to bore with telling the rest. Instead I wish to point of some memorable moments. They started out using Kyle’s fathers car but upgraded to the small school bus! Awesome. How about that character (Andy Dick) who worked the front desk at the motel? What else.. That nasty waiter who took Kyle’s french toast to a whole other level… Gross. Barry (Tom Green) constantly confusing Boston Massachusetts and Austin Texas. I cannot really pick what moment I like best in this movie because they all make you laugh hysterically. There are A LOT of college comedy focused films out there but Road Trip has always stood out of the crowd.


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