nba playoffs- first round

The first round of the NBA Playoffs is up. The conference semifinals start this Sunday. First round in the West saw the San Antonio Spurs eliminated by the Memphis Grizzles, The Lakers took out the Hornets, and the Thunder take the Nuggets. I am glad that the Spurs did not make it to the semifinals; as they are about guaranteed every year. No surprised LA is in the semis even though New Orleans gave them a good series. Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook handled their business every game against Denver.

In the East, my team, the Chicago Bulls out lasted the Indiana Pacers. Game five was a physical one. All I can say is Derrick Rose. Actually, Noah, Deng and Kyle Korver were amongst the props. The Miami Heat beat the Philadelphia 76ers. Having Lebron James, Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade on the team is almost a guaranteed series win. The Boston Celtics shut out the New York Knicks. Not a very nice thing to do to Carmelo Anthony on his new team. The Atlanta Hawks finished their run with the Orlando Magic at home. It is nice to see some new faces going to the semifinals this year!


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