pacquiao vs mosley

The big fight is this evening. It kind of snuck up ratber quickly but I am not complaining. Shane Mosley vs Manny Pacquiao. I had to repeat that because I did not think the two would ever square off. Pacquiao last fought Antonio Margarito and won decisively. Mosley last fought Sergio Mora in an uneventful fight. Although, I do think Mosley won. Right now, the past is not important because the present is the issue.

There was not a 24/7 HBO series for this fight but rather a Fight Camp 360. However, I have not watched an episode. Predictions… I see Manny winning. Winning by a decision or TKO. I really hope Mosley wins by a knockout but since Shane is a little past his prime, I do not see this happening. I will never count Sugar Shane out. He is one of my favorite boxers. Critics counted him out against Margarito and look what happened. He had Floyd Jr on wobbly legs, something no opponent has done to Mayweather.

Looking in the future. If Pacquiao gets the victory tonight, he has to fight Mayweather Jr. If this does not happen then he has a few other options like a third bout with Juan Manuel Marquez or Victor Ortiz. If Shane Mosley gets the victory tonight, he will want a rematch with Mayweather. If not this, a far-fetched third fight with the now retired De La Hoya? Imagine that… I cannot wait to see the fight tonight! Go Sugar Shane!


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