hopkins vs pascal II

Tonight is the rematch for Bernard Hopkins and Jean Pascal’s first fight. If you did not see the first fight, it ended in a draw on December 18 2010. Much of the early fight was controlled by Pascal. He scored a knockdown late in the first round as well as in the third. It looked to be Pascal’s fight. However, Hopkins starts to hold his own. It seemed as if Pascal slowed down a bit. I think to call this bout a draw was fine.

If it were not for Pascal’s two knockdowns, then the judges probably would of gave it to Bernard. Tonight I do not think there will be any doubts. I am going to pick Jean Pascal to win tonight. Bernard Hopkins is pretty much ageless. The man is 46 years old and continues to turn back the clock. If he wins tonight I will not be shocked. Honestly I will be happy if either guy gets the victory tonight.


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