macho man

Yes he has passed on, unfortunately. He was only 58. Instead of grieving, I am going to remember some of his best matches. A lot of wrestling fans will say that his match at Wrestlemania III with Ricky Steamboat was his best. Yeah, it probably was, but I remember many more besides this one.

One of my favorites was his feud with Diamond Dallas Page. They had a few great brawls. One at Spring Stampede 1997 and at The Great American Bash 1997. Each took a victory. He had many with the Nature Boy Ric Flair… WCW Superbrawl VI, steel cage match and Wrestlemania VIII. I particularly enjoyed his match at Halloween Havoc 1996 against Hollywood Hogan.

Not only Savages’ matches, but his wardrobe and commentary were great. Whenever Macho Man would walk down the isle, he would always sport some eye catching ring attire. Savage also commentated for a bit and found his color commenting a nice change of pace as well as comical. The Macho Man will be missed by all wrestling fans.


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