chavez jr new champ

Last night Julio Cesar Chavez Jr defeated Sebastian Zbik to become a Middleweight title holder. In the beginning of the fight, it seemed that Zbik was giving junior trouble. He was. The tide started to change around the fifth round when Chavez started focusing on Sebastian Zbik’s body. Come to think of it, this really was not a boxing match, it was more like a dog fight. The two were fighting in close pretty much the entire fight.

I’ll give props to Zbik for not backing down against the bigger Chavez. He actually did not act like the smaller man. Moving on, Chavez is now the WBC Middleweight Champion. In the crowd was Sergio Martinez and it was asked if Chavez Jr would be interested in a fight with Martinez.

He mentioned if Bob Arum pays him the money, he will do it. In my opinion he should have a few more bouts before considering a fight with Martinez. I would be interested in seeing Chavez versus Saul Alvarez, that’s if Alvarez defeats Ryan Rhodes. Or it has been brought up that Miguel Cotto could be another opponent. Whoever it is, I am interested in Chavez’ next fight.


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