mayweater ortiz 24/7 episode 1

September 17th is the date these two face each other. Floyd Mayweather is still flashier than ever. This is the first time we get to see what Victor Otiz’ training is all about. His team are blue collar workers, holding hard working jobs before heading to Ortiz’ training. Mayweather has many faces accompanying him at the gym as usual. Floyd even admitted that he doesn’t know everyone’s first and last name.

Tension came up between Floyd Jr and Floyd Sr, no surprise here. The two were out of control, swearing and arguing so the whole gym could hear. Victor Ortiz has been through a lot in his young life. He has been the underdog for most of it. Back in April, Ortiz won the WBC Welterweight title from Andre Berto. In this fight, Ortiz was considered a 4-1 underdog. When it was all over, Ortiz came out on top.

This fight I believe will be exciting. Some are ruling Victor Ortiz out already. Some say Floyd at 34 is getting a bit old. I don’t think he is getting old, nor will Ortiz be a pushover. This is what makes this fight worth watching.


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