mayweather ortiz 24/7 episode 2

Episode 2 was not a let down. Victor Ortiz is very confident thus far in his training. The opening scene with 50 Cent and Mayweather was pretty funny… Junior and Senior haven’t seen eye to eye for much of Floyd’s career. Ortiz and De La Hoya were guests on Piers Morgan Tonight talking about the upcoming fight. Oscar looks pretty good despite his recent troubles with drugs and alcohol.

Roger Mayweather is going to anger management classes. Although he does have a temper at times, he can also be a quiet, relaxed guy. I’ve noticed. I liked how Ortiz’ trainer, Danny Garcia, mentioned that he does not believe in overworking.  Saying that if a trainer knows what he is doing, then no one will be overworked. Floyd is the definition of a gym rat. He works out at odd hours and numerous times a day. A lot of people are saying that he is 34. He still has that physique though.


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