mayweather ortiz 24/7 episode 4

Last episode which means all the hype is over with. I have to bring up that people keep mentioning Floyd is 34 years old. This may seem like a burden but Mayweather shows no sign of slowing down in training. He still busts his ass with his uncle Roger. I like Victor’s poise during the press conferences. Usually Floyd gets under the skin of his opponents but Ortiz was all confidence. Floyd was the guest on Conan O’Brien. His private jet got him back in 40 minutes back to Vegas and back to training. That is fast.

Floyd’s fiancee knows he is the best at what he does but also knows anything can happen. I can only agree. Danny Garcia tells Victor to stay focused. It is easy to get distracted especially with training camp winding down. That is exactly what he did, stayed focused. Since Ortiz is bigger than Floyd, Mayweather said he prepared very hard physically for this one. Floyd said if he and his father never speak again, that is fine. Kind of harsh. The last press conference, Ortiz said he will remain the WBC Welterweight champion and will but that one loss on his record. Mayweather kept say all work is easy work to Ortiz.


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