mayweather vs ortiz prediction

The fight is tonight. Both have trained very hard and both deserve a win. Unfortunately only one guy can win. Victor Ortiz is the holder of the WBC Welterweight title, which is on the line. Floyd has not fought in a little over a year, 16 months. The question is will this show up tonight? Ortiz is the youngest fighter Floyd has fought in awhile. Will Victor’s youth be a winning factor? These questions will be answered this evening.

Alright here is my winner, Floyd Mayweather Jr. He will become 42-0 when the night is over. Floyd still has it at 34. His experience will get him either a TKO or unanimous decision. I am not counting Victor Ortiz out. If he tags Mayweather clean, then it will be a long night for Floyd. I also think Ortiz will be over confident and realize Mayweather is tougher than he thought. A loss for Victor Ortiz is no big deal. He wants this fight real bad but I do not see Floyd Jr losing, yet…


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