lil wayne…why?

Lil Wayne. We all know this man, even if you do not listen to rap. Some claim that he is the best rapper alive. Hmm, I wouldn’t push that button. Nowadays he is EVERYWHERE. Some love this while some dislike this. I am one of those who dislikes it. I do not hate the man, I just don’t see why he is envied by most. Is it due to his mass media exposure?, his ability?, his tattoos? I did like his Gangsta Grillz Dedication 2 with DJ Drama. Some other songs I like are “Bling Bling” by B.G. where he was featured also “I Rock Ice” by Hotboys, which he had a small part. The Carter IV just came out and I really don’t know if I should listen to it. Anyway that was my little rant on Mr. Wayne.


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