hopkins-dawson mess

First and foremost, I though this fight was happening in November and not last night! I did not know it was last night until browsing up coming matches. So I checked to see if anyone was doing round by round commentary and then it was said Dawson won by TKO in round 2. Was I shocked? Yeah, a little bit. I just figured Chad hit Hopkins with something he didn’t see coming. After a little more research, Hopkins hurt his shoulder and was unable to continue after Dawson shoved him to the canvas.

Watching the video it does look as Chad Dawson was rough with using his shoulder. On the other hand, I do believe Bernard Hopkins over exaggerates. This is my opinion, however. It did not look like he landed too hard on his left shoulder. Surprisingly, Chad Dawson was the more upset of the two. The referee said there was no fault. Hmm, now that is questionable. The odd thing is that the title changed hands with little hesitation! Dawson won The Ring and WBC Light Heavyweight World titles.

Max Kellerman spoke with both fighters afterward. Chad Dawson says he wants a rematch with Jean Pascal. When asked about a rematch with Hopkins, he said why and no. As for Bernard, he mentioned he is going to have this fight reviewed and hopefully ruled a no contest.


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